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  1. Bali Dive Sites for PADI training
  2. Scuba diving

With a bit of effort some rarely found and unique creatures can be found here. It appears that a sole mimmic octopus has mades it home there along with, seahorses big and small , various different rays, a few differ ells including the rare snake eels. There has been cuttlefish, squid and a great range of reef fish.

Bali Dive Sites for PADI training

There has also been reports of turtles and even a black tip reef shark sneaking by. With a little bit of planning and good weather this could be a good single dive option. This is more so for certified divers that love their macro and or into underwater photography. An easy beach dive on the north end of Kata Beach. This is a very simply dive although there is quite a swim before you hit the reef that initially starts to the west and then turns north outside the bay. The dive is often hampered by poor visibility and suffers the effects of the human population on the beach with debris and boat traffic being the main issues.

Having said that it does supply a good range of reef life and there has been some unusual sightings here including Robust Ghost Pipefish and leopard sharks. Cuttlefish and Batfish are no strangers to this site. Recent claims that there are three different varieties of seahorse there and some as shallow as two metres.

Further claims of frogfish also being present. If you are keen on a muck dive this could be of interest to you however be prepared to swim for a long time in shallow water for not much result.

Scuba diving

You will plan a dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres, gaining valuable dive experience whilst under the supervision of one of our experienced PADI Master Instructors. Extending your dive limit to 30 metres will also mean you are certified to dive a greater variety of dive sites anywhere around the world. Underwater Navigation Dive. Learn how to estimate distance and how to use natural features to navigate underwater.


We will teach you correct positioning and handling of a compass and how to use a compass to navigate a reciprocal heading. You will finish by successfully navigating a square. You will feel much more confident in your ability to find you way underwater after this dive. Buoyancy is the most important skill a diver needs.

Better buoyancy means more control and improved air consumption. Good buoyancy allows you to become a safer diver and avoid damaging the marine environment.

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The PPB Adventure dive will teach you how to better streamline yourself whilst diving. As well as improving your air consumption we will practice hovering and swimming techniques.


You will be amazed with your improvement after this dive and how much more effortless your diving becomes. Night Diving. Drop into a whole new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your torch. We will teach you light handling and communication techniques plus entry and exiting in the dark. We will also ask you to navigate a reciprocal heading, a skill you have mastered during the day, as part of the Underwater Navigation Adventure dive.

You will see some species of marine life retiring for the night, whilst others such as crustaceans and mollusks venture from their day time hiding places for night time feasts. Wreck Diving. Interested in excitement and exploration?

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Take a fascinating look into the past with the most popular choice for an Adventure dive on Koh Tao. You will learn how to plan wreck dives that are deeper than 18 metres as well as all the necessary equipment considerations. You will also learn how to avoid potential hazards common to wrecks including entanglement and the highlight is a completing the dive on the HTMS Sattakut.

Learn how to tie a variety of different knots, operate lift bags to bring various objects to the surface and use a compass to perform underwater se arches. They scoot you through the water, allowing you to glide over coral reefs or around Wrecks.

Crayfish Catching Equipment

During this dive we will teach you correct entry, exit, descent and ascent techniques with a DPV. You will also learn how to perform manoeuvers underwater as well as the correct safety techniques. For divers that like excitement, the DPV Adventure dive is for you. Being able to recognise the marine life makes your diving so much more interesting and fun.

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The best part about this dive is the knowledge and skills you learn can be used on every scuba vacation because once you learn the main fish families and characteristics you will be able to figure out the species you see all over the world. Enriched Air — Nitrox. Want to spend even longer underwater. The Enriched Air adventure dive teaches you how to analyse your Enriched air fills to determine the oxygen content in the blend. We will also show you how to verify cylinder content data and of course execute a dive on Enriched Air. Underwater Naturalist. The greater understanding you have of the aquatic environment the more you will savour the sights you encounter.

Go beyond simple Fish Identification.

On the Underwater Naturalist Adventure dive we will teach you how to locate, observe and identify fish, animals and plants. Boat Diving. Super Size Your Adventure! Get Credit!