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Millions of individual stories are lost to us forever. By preserving the stories written by survivors and making them widely available to a broad audience, the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs series seeks to sustain the memory of all those who perished at the hands of hatred, abetted by indifference and apathy. The personal accounts of those who survived against all odds are as different as the people who wrote them, but all demonstrate the courage, strength, wit and luck that it took to prevail and survive in such terrible adversity.

The memoirs are also moving tributes to people — strangers and friends — who risked their lives to help others, and who, through acts of kindness and decency in the darkest of moments, frequently helped the persecuted maintain faith in humanity and courage to endure. Recognizing that most survivor memoirs never find a publisher, the Azrieli Foundation established the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program to collect, archive and publish these distinctive records.

Stepping Out from Behind the Shadows

Cart 0. Failing is a lesson that everyone is taught in life. If it wasn't, people would be perfect and nobody is perfect.

What makes us as humans extremely special is that we're all perfect in our different ways. We live in a world where praise is more important than pride and self worth. If you base your life on being praised, you're going to end up miserable.


Shadows Behind the Sun

Being praised gets tiring and old. It's fun when it first starts happening. Like being a big football star or any professional sports player, they all get praised, but they also get critiqued, all eyes on them feeling like they can't do anything wrong or the whole world will see attitude. That attitude is what drives people away from their dreams of being somebody.

The attention scares us. We hide our talents so no one has to see or hear them because to us we sound good.

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Who knows? Maybe to them we'd sound great, but we'll never know unless we let someone in. Hiding in our rooms practicing when everyone is asleep secretly wishing someone hears us, dreams and passions deserve to be shared with the world and most importantly with the ones we love. As you read this piece of poetry, I hope you learn to live out your dreams and cherish every moment of whatever it is you want to chase. It is always good to be ambitious. Don't let the world push you around. Yes, there will be people who want to see you fail, but they are less than you.

Don't hide behind your shadow because at the end of the day, your shadow is you and you made yourself shine. You just had to hide in the dark for a little, but you shined through all by yourself.

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So have faith and hope in yourself and in your dreams. Primary gameplay feature is a new aspect, which may be called new God, if I can think of names and pictures for them.

BBC Two - What We Do in the Shadows, Behind the Scenes: The Creators

It is based on an eary versi V11 Release Notes. June 13, by BobbyTwoHands. So, version 11 is now up. Foremost is the Aspect of Undeath, a radically alternate game-mode in which normal mechanics are disabled, nor mechanics added, and the normal gameplay loop is changed to a c Devlog: Undeath.

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June 06, by BobbyTwoHands. Leaving aside the kickstarter issue, I've been working on some of the new features I wanted.

Behind the Shadows

The core gameplay of Shadows Behind the Throne can be described as "Make enthralled, use to enshadow world, A kickstarter! June 05, by BobbyTwoHands.

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So I have now made a kickstarter, to improve some of the art, and get a whole bunch more. I'll be the first to admit I'm no artist. Actually failed art, back in high V10 Unfinished, WIP release. May 17, by BobbyTwoHands. This version's main change is how the world responds to your actions.

What We Do in the Shadows Original Short Film

Information and communication are now important to the AI characters, and lies and misinformation come with them Suspicion and evidence. May 10, by BobbyTwoHands. Okay, so.